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“Men occasionally stumble upon the truth. But most pick themselves up and continue on.” – Sir Winston Churchill
“America’s moral leadership will be restored as we set an example for the rest of the world on how to achieve genuine economic democracy and justice for all.”   -Louis Kelso
“Developing countries need to be encouraged to experiment with the growing variety of arrangements of profit-sharing, and expanded capital ownership that can bring economic betterment to their people.”  - Pres. Ronald Reagan
“Distribution of wealth must be approached in an efficient and equitable manner. In fact, it must be intimately integrated with the process of wealth creation.” - Baha’i International Community
“In order to conquer nature, we must first learn how to obey it.” - Sir Francis Bacon
“You did a wonderful thing in this country in 1865 when you abolished chattel slavery, but you must do a much more wonderful thing now.  You must abolish industrial slavery.” - Abdu’l  Baha
“Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come!” -Victor Hugo


Profit Sharing Uprising
P.O. Box 707
Kernersville NC 27285


A National Profit-Sharing Incentive would quickly jump-start an economic recovery.

By allowing businesses a tax credit for plowing profits back to employees, all of the components of a healthy economic recovery are accomplished:

The National Bureau of Economic Research has defined the 5 components of a healthy economic recovery. They are:

1. Increased personal income
2. Increased business sales
3. Increased industrial production
4. Increased employment
5. Increased Gross Domestic Product statistics for 2 or more consecutive months.

This incentive allows businesses a tax credit for re-investing up to 20% of net profits back to their own employees. (this would be in addition to the profit-sharing tax deductions already allowed).

But we must not use current profit-sharing models. They are too small, too late, and too weak.

A generous pre-determined percentage must be set around the 20% range, and dividends must be in addition to regular wages. Research also shows that frequent, non-deferred, cash-back distributions to employees will create a rapid supply and demand cycle in the economy. How?

1. Profit-sharing would rapidly raise household income, creating increased supply and demand. It would help families pay for mortgages, health care premiums, college, as well as products and services from other businesses.
2. Increased supply & demand naturally increases sales volume.
3. An increase in supply, demand, and sales growth precedes new job creation. Better paying jobs (linked to profits) incentivizes job seekers, and rewards work. Profit-sharing on a national scale would reduce unemployment, and transform poorly paid jobs into partner-like positions that could support a family.
4. A well motivated workforce has been proven to increase industrial productivity, if managed properly and fairly.
5. A profit-sharing tax credit is a built-in, permanent stimulus creating a healthy and sustained GDP.

The resultant increased economic activity would widen the tax base and increase revenues. The increased federal revenues would easily offset the cost of the tax credit in a relatively short period of time. Higher incomes, more jobs, and more people working would also lead to more paycheck with-holdings. This replenishes the Medicare and Social Security coffers as well, without increasing the tax. This incentive makes citizens, business and government more self-sufficient, approximating a steady-state economy.

This profit-sharing tax credit creates a leaner government, which is more citizen and business responsive. It restores moral leadership to a refined capitalism. Most importantly, it is politically neutral. It is the missing link of conservative supply-side economics and the missing link of liberal economic democracy. Why not try it in one state first, and as it demonstrates success, expand the program? Even Ronald Reagan pronounced profit-sharing as a means of attaining “increased capital ownership”. Please forward this site to your state and federal representatives, as well as to business owners, and concerned friends. Better yet, send them a hard copy of my book. Your feedback is welcome. I reply to all comments.

A trial run on the state, municipal, or regional levels will prove its wider macroeconomic effects. It takes 2 clicks and your comments to FORWARD this to your colleagues. Send it to your representatives in Washington as well. Send it to news outlets and other Web sites with similar concerns. If you have any further creative ideas on how to spread the word, please e-mail Dr. Darian L. Smith, your comments are welcome.



Profit Sharing Uprising
PO Box 707
Kernersville NC 27285

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